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Plastic Injection Kit

Designed & tooled by computer in 3D, after measuring each and every part on real Boeing 737-300/-400/-500s (thanks to Sabena, the former Belgian airliner), these Boeing 737-300 / 737-400 / 737-500 kits are praised to be one of the nicest airliner kits ever done.

The year after their initial release they were awarded as "Model of the Year 2006" in the civil airliner category by the German model magazin ModellFan.

A new batch of these kits will be back available soon!
(Sea container is expected in June/July)

Now with airliner decals included





(with this additional decal all four airBaltic 737-500s ballerinas schemes can be done regardless which main decal is in the box)

B737-300 SKY144-03b 24,75 Euro
B737-400 SKY144-04b 24,75 Euro
B737-500 SKY144-05b 24,75 Euro

5 kits & up

each @

23,50 Euro

10 kits & up

each @

22,25 Euro

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A limited amount of B737-400 Stencilling decals - which were included in the original B737 kits - are available for 6.00 euro each.

SKY144-12 for the -400 version

Photo-etched parts are also available for these kits:

SKY144-15: 2x photo-etched sets for 6.00 euro

1/144th scale SKY144-12 6,00 Euro
1/144th scale SKY144-15 6,00 Euro

What's the difference between the three versions:

The B737-300 is the first of the "Second Generation" Boeing 737 family, built as a stretched variant of the -200. It's fuselage length is 33,40 meter or 109 feet 7 inch and it has a maximum seating of 149 persons.

The B737-400 was designed several years after the -300, having an additional stretched fuselage - making its fuselage length 36,45 meter or 119 feet 17 inch and it has a maximum seating of 188 persons.

As last of this "Second Generation" Boeing 737 family, the B737-500 had back more or less the same fuselage length as the original -200 - making its fuselage length 31,01 meter or 101 feet 9 inch and it has a maximum seating of 132 persons.

All three versions are available as three different kits...

You can click on all images to get a bigger version

Boeing 737-300 version kit:

Boeing 737-400 version kit:

Boeing 737-500 version kit:

Some detail shots:

Be aware, most linked images are a lot bigger than the actual model, so panel lines and other fine details can come over as "huge" while this isn't so ...

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