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With proud we announce the release of the enxt book in our range "Uncovering the...":
The Lockheed (T)F-104G Starfighter

160 pages full with detailed pictures of this famous fighter and accurate scale drawings.

Released in two languages: English and German

More info and previews very soon here!


RELEASE DATE: 27 October 2012 at IPMS Netherlands

Special reduced prices on following two books:

F/A-18 A/B/C/D Hornet

24,75 euro instead of 34,75 euro

F-4 B/J/N/S Phantom US Navy

29,75 euro instead of 34,75 euro


Not just one standard style of "Remove Before Flight" flags, but a whole bunch in numerous versions on one sheet.

Available in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32



Defined as 'impossible to be done as decal' by "JH", we have produced decals of three of the very attractive Dreamliner schemes as seen on the actual aircraft! They have been designed and printed as depicted on the real aircraft, a B737-800 'New Generation' for Ryanair and Alaska as well as the original B787 Dreamliner.



"The Simpsons" of Western Pacific is available again!



Finally I've found the time to finish the long awaited last set of the famous Western Pacific logo jet fleet.






These decals are printed in the highest quality possible, using state of the art printing technology, resulting in the exact standards found on
the real logo jets. All the stencils and various other markings are included with the decal sheet!

Why build military aircraft when you can build an attractive and colorful airliner to add to your collection?
These are the only airline decals available with photo etched antennas, pitot tubes, wheel doors and more!

To ensure your model is an exact replica of the real airplane the details are above reproach and we even have the matching paints available to produce the most detailed Boeing 737-300 model ever!

Now finally available, including photo-etched parts:

A comprehensive detail decal sheet with all general stenciling for all variations for the Airbus A320 family:

This sheet includes a photo etched set as well!

A complete decal sheet including all general stenciling for every model of the Boeing 737 New Generation family including a photo etched set:

Currently in the tooling stage:

1/48 Starfighter Update Set

final layouts and new previews are shown here

Available in all four scales

The most complete and accurate F-104 decals ever:

In four different scales

DACO Products' DECALSETTING is known as the best decal setting solution in Europe!
Even modellers outside Europe have recognized it as being one of the superior decalsettings available.
Our product eliminates the use of a "Sol" or a "Set" resulting in a no-guessing product with amazing results every time!

DACO Decalsetting solution is available in three strengths:

* "Soft" for thin decals and easy panel line applications

* "Medium" for normal decal use

* "Strong" for thick and heavy decal work

Each bottle contains about 30ml of Decal Setting Solution (good for a few years) and cost 5.00 euro each

Buy the complete set now for 12.50 euro!


More info here

We have 25 different blister cards with highly detailed AIRCRAFT FRIDGE MAGNETS that include 3 different aircraft magnets per card.
They can be placed on your fridge, desk light, car, or anything else metallic!

Price is only 6.00 euro each

Although it may appear that it has been very quiet at DACO, we have extremely busy designing many new products which will be released in the very near future.
So, be sure to check back often!

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Besides the DACO decal range, which addresses only Belgian Air Force markings, two other decal ranges are also available from Danny Coremans:

ASTRA Decals: include other Air Force schemes, with several USAFE aircraft. Other European Air Forces will be released in the future.

SKYLINE Decals: are an inclusive series for commercial aircraft starting with the complete Sabena fleet and the Western Pacific Airlines Logo Jet schemes, including The Simpsons Jet .
Look for more special and attractive schemes in the future!

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